London Flashback

In between the wedding preparations and moving the flats, I felt I needed a little break last month. Also, having been busy with the mentioned above, naturally meant less time with my son. 
Conveniently enough, end of April is when the kids are on school holidays and there is this extra opportunity to go away (remember the last year's trip to Portugal when my husband-to-be and I took Bruno to his Dad?) Well, this year's Spring holidays were decided to be a Mother-son vacation!
The idea of taking Bruno back to London has been on my mind for a while; it is where he grew up, after all. Since moving, I visited London with my partner a couple of times but never with Bruno so it seemed like the perfect timing for our getaway. 

For the first couple of days we stayed in a hotel in Canary Wharf next to the house where he spent his childhood, visiting his nurseries and walking in the parks nearby then moved to West London for the rest of the week. I shared some of the highlights on my Instagram but the whole trip was kind of a nostalgic one, really, and full of reminiscing.
Not a single visit without one of my best friends Daria, of course, to share the sweet memories with.
During this visit, I was surprised to find out that I can now shop the clothes for my 10-year-old at men's section rather than children's one, especially since I like an oversized fit anyway. For example, both the jacket and the shoes above were snatched at TK Maxx (saving me over £100; double win!) and same story with Topman which all makes life a little easier as I was struggling to find cool things for Bruno lately. His trousers and hoodie are from Zara (Budapest) and the belt bag is Gucci.
My top and trousers are also from Zara (similar blouse here), trench is by one of my favourites- the Kooples and the bag is Celine (similar).
We enjoyed this trip so much, I must say; all the memories and shared love for London have somehow brought us even closer together and so did a week of spending 24/7 together. Bruno is definitely my #1 travel buddy for London trips from now on!
Photographs by Daria.


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