Mallorca: Belmond La Residencia

Have finally made the time to go through the photos from one more fabulous hotel in Mallorca and possibly the biggest post on the blog is ready. Please join us for a cup of afternoon tea at Belmond La Residencia...
...a truly unforgettable escape!
The view is rather spectacular in this place, judge for yourself.
And so is the light.
I wouldn't compete with all this beauty around so I kept it simple with a little linen black wrap dress (similar here) and my Inga Xavier mini red bag.
If this isn't a perfect spot to enjoy a meal then I don't know what is. I would go back any day!
You can totally sit with us whilst soaking up on the Mallorcan sun, taking in the beauty of Deià and helping yourself to the freshest treats.
I haven't had scones since moving from England and these were possibly the best ones I have ever tried in my life!
I had to teach my fiancé how to eat them as he's never had them before. Did you know that there is a proper scone-eating etiquette? Cream first, jam second. Two open halves, no sandwiches.
La Residencia is a wonderful place that I highly recommend to those looking for tranquility and serenity. There is nothing you can be troubled with while there.
So go ahead and be their guest!
And I will see you in my next (and the last) post from this wonderful island!


  1. Какое красивое место😍

    1. Очень! До сих пор вспоминаю его с восторгом.


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