Mallorca: Charming Fornalutx

We have just returned from our 8 days trip to Mallorca and I thought I'd make an effort to post about some of my favourite places right away while I'm bubbling with excitement because these gems are truly worth sharing. 

Let me start off by saying that this trip was a completely spontaneous one. My son was going to travel with his Father until mid-September so my fiancé saw it as an opportunity to extend our Summer a little as well. We haven't had any reservations made not for a hotel nor a car; we got lucky with this brand new cabriolet at the airport car rentals (our first and very enjoyable experience with convertibles!) and drove off to one of the local restaurants to look up the hotel options over a dinner and a glass of Spanish red.
Usually we never stay at the same hotel throughout the whole trip and like to move around every 2-3 nights especially if it's a new destination that we don't know much about. Having had settled in our first hotel, we took it easy during the first couple of days: ate, slept, swum and repeated, learning about Mallorca from the locals in the meantime and putting a plan together for when we were rested and ready to explore.

The first place that completely stole my heart was this charming little village of Fornalutx that takes the pride in calling itself the prettiest village of Spain. I'll let you be the judge!
It is located at the top of the Sóller Valley and deep within Serra de Tramuntana mountains so the road there alone will give you goosebumps with picturesque views unflolding along the way!
Fornalutx is the kind of place you come to admire for its beautiful streets and details so don't worry about sights and attractions- park the car and go to explore the village by foot like we did!
More than 1000 years ago Fornalutx was an Arab farm and beautiful references of that can be spotted in different corners of the village.
Feeling like a total creep peeking into people's gardens but then again they must be used to nosey tourists...
Just as they must be used to street cats lazily soaking up the sun at their doorsteps. 
I'm sorry! The crazy cat lady in me could not just pass by and stuck by for a good half an hour a little to observe these cuties. I then followed the family only to discover...
...another baby in the plant pot. Isn't it ameowsing?
In case you are more interested in clothes than you are in cats, I shall leave my outfit details here: white V neck (bargain here) and printed skirt- both by Mango, Inga Xavier mini bag, Free People velvet slip-ons (on sale) and Ray Ban sunglasses.
If you ever happen to go to Mallorca, do write the name of this place down and I will be back with more  recommendations throughout the week x


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