Praia da Marinha

As my Instagram followers will know, my partner and I took my son to Portugal a couple of months ago for him to spend Spring holidays with his Father. It could have been done in Estonia but when you happen to live in the climate like ours, you appreciate the chance of escaping somewhere warm, especially when that somewhere happens to be your favourite country. 

I couldn't miss out on the opportunity of showing Portugal to my other half who has never been there previously.
I've covered bits of our trip on my Instagram back then while camera photos have been abandoned as always but having seen a great response to my recent throwback post, I thought I'd share this look here along with some links.
The dress I'm wearing on the photo is still available in a couple of sizes and can be found here. I could live in wrap dresses, I swear!
My love for straw bags also continues. It's ridiculous since I don't even live in a warm country where they would serve much purpose but each time I see a new cutie, I just can't help clicking it home. This particular colour was Net-a-Porter exclusive but you can still grab the yellow one or go for the more playful version!
Some baewatch in action 
No footwear can beat espadrilles when it comes to travel comfort. Mine are leather ones by Lika Mimika but these and these are cute too!
Last but not least, shall you get a chance to visit Algarve in Portugal, do make the time to explore Praia Da Marinha. It is in fact considered as one of the most beautiful beaches of the world!


  1. Beautiful dress!

    || The Neon Factor, by Diana 🦄 ||

  2. I recently went there, and it truly was the most stunning beach I have ever seen <3 xx

    1. I've been there twice and I'd go again, it's truly lovely!

  3. Portugal is beautiful, my country <3
    amazing photos!
    Blog - Maria Rita
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    1. Ahhh tens muita sorte! Tou com inveja ♥


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