Winter Fairytale

Way overdue with these but I still wanted to leave this mixture of photos here to remember the trip the boyfriend and I went on after Christmas before I carry on with any other posts.

We booked a flight to Milan and rented a car without planning any particular route in advance... 
It was our first time in Milan but we weren't planning to stay there for long so we sat down in Obica Duomo (I used to love this mozzarella bar in London) with quite the view and started working out our plan while feasting on that great Italian brunch. 
The very first destination on our my list happened to be one particular designer store in Duomo but after hearing that every bag I was possibly after was sold out, we made our way to the next spot and it was one that's been on my bucket list for a while...
Despite of having originally thought of going to Venice, we then changed our mind and drove to Lake Como and may I say, we haven't regretted it a tiny bit!
It was everything I imagined and more. Both of us agreed we need to pay another visit during the Summer. 
No #outfitgamestrong here since I decided to take it easy during this trip and try to enjoy every moment without putting much thoughts into the outfits and photos or bugging my fiancĂ© with camera pics.  That explains the fact most of the pictures here were taken with a phone as I barely reached out for the camera at all.
Amazingly peaceful and quiet place with magical sunset and sunrise views from the terrace. We got lucky with the weather too given the fact it was late December. 
Rather a fancy breakfast location...
After we were stuffed full, we said goodbye to wonderful Lake Como and headed to explore Switzerland. 
Again, I did not bother taking photos in every city we went to but the route included beautiful Lugano (they also did not have my dream bag!), Liechtenstein, Austrian Feldkirch (the friendliest people around there)...
Wonderful Lucerne, of course (we absolutely enjoyed nightlife over there)... 
Not any less enjoyable was a morning stroll around the town with a cup of my favourite drink in hand (London habit, can't help it but always get excited at the sight of Starbucks sign).  
Wearing The Kooples trench coat (spend/save), Celine sunglasses, Pinko bag and Zara boots (splurge/save) on the photo here.

Next city we arrived to was Interlaken with a fairytale-like atmosphere.
It was also the city where I realised I'm either getting myself something else instead of my dream bag or I may as well be left with no NY present so this Gucci backpack purchase happened (not without your guys help on Insta stories). Speaking of it a month later, I can say it was a practical choice and I do get a lot of wear out of the backpack. 
The sweatshirt is by London brand called NICCE known for their simple, clean casual pieces. Having had moved from London, I miss British brands and shops a lot and still do most of my shopping online, hence I'm always on the lookout for some cool UK brands.
After Interlaken we headed to Bern and then Lausanne. I must add that those scenic drives between the cities in Switzerland are alone an outstanding experience with the beautiful views of mountains and lakes everywhere.
It hit me at some point that my son's Aunties were in Geneva for New Year so our NY eve plan was immediately sorted.
I hate to say it but we didn't like Geneva as much as the other cities but again, perhaps NY celebration night wasn't the best time to judge...

Either way the main purpose was to see my beloved cousins and I couldn't have been more grateful for this spontaneous meet-up (excuse our 1st of January looks).
We raised our glasses to having the ability to keep up with our recently born tradition of seeing each other every year- in Tallinn, Paris, Geneva and God know where next!


  1. I love your blog an you!
    Wonderful story from my fairytale princess!
    If you bought your bag from Swiss, then is there any problems with taxes on border?
    Love U!

    1. Thank you! Yes, there was a problem on our way back via France, we had to pay 20% EU tax. If you are going to be travelling by plane, just get rid of the tags and receipts and keep it quiet and you’ll be fine. We learnt the hard way :D

  2. You’re simply stunning! I’ve been following your blog for years, I remember your son was still little, he’s adorable btw, I hope he’s doing well. I currently live in London, can you please recommend some affordable brands/shops because I’m getting a bit tired of Mango and Zara, and Asos doesn’t have as many cool things as before :/ Thank you! Wish you all the best xxxx��

    1. I'm truly touched, thank you! And how cool is it that you live in London?! I often miss it (unlike my son)! As for shopping, I used to love The Kooples, Whistles, Reiss, Sandro, Maje; especially during sales the prices are quite affordable yet the quality is better than highstreet brands like Zara, H&M etc. COS is also good for minimalistic pieces/basics. Also try Other Stories on Oxford Street, they've got some interesting things there. I check every now and then too x

  3. Amazing pictures, I love your style so much :)

    1. Thank you, Ivana! You’re kind as always! X

  4. Wow!!!! This photos are beautiful! love love xoxo :)

  5. Such a beautiful pictures, You look stunning as always!


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