Not a Saint

These must have been taken a week ago as we headed out to play with the newly bought camera. My good old Nikon D90 has served me well for 7 (!) years of blogging and an upgrade was long overdue. Not completely familiar with the settings yet as we changed from Nikon to Canon, but we're getting there.
So I took the advantage of having my younger sister with us and leaned back on my beloved partner for some cheesy shots making myself comfortable in his arms, cute faces and all.
Not today!- he figured, I guess.
Do the boys always have to somewhat ruin our attempt at romance on the photographs?
OK, I'll take that. They're not that bad photos, after all. 

Not much to say about my outfit this time round: same sandals from the previous post and a new midi dress that made me feel like a saint (pun coming).
Speaking of saint, this Saint Laurent bag deserves a separate shot (or two). I mean, how red rad is it?! It actually goes with more outfits that I thought it would.
The deets: Chloe sunglasses (OK, let's ignore that fact that I have 20 other pairs sitting in a drawer), Gucci scarf and Chanel lipstick.
And the last one from us. Have a bright start of the week! X


  1. Судя по фотографиям - мальчик находится на голодном пайке, сочувствую. Но указания исполняет безупречно).
    Теперь ждем Pastelных сцен, можно и из архивов, будет забавно).

  2. Ну да, все веселее тут будет)).

    1. Вот уж что б без Вас делала )

    2. Не смущайте меня... Я очень раним)).

  3. Very beautiful pictures! ;) love your blog, very good inspiration ♡

  4. Инга, вы как всегда, невероятны! Любуюсь уже много лет вашим вкусом и Вами! Такой светлой, красивой, необычной!
    Радуйте нас своими фотографиями!
    А образ - очень красив! Пойду искать подобное платье Х)

    1. Большое-большое спасибо за добрые слова! Мне безумно приятно! Удачи в поисках ❤️


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