Cotton Candy

Headed to Riga with my son a week ago to visit his Godmother aka my best friend prior to his Birthday. My boy turned 9 this past Friday, by the way! Those of you who have been following me from the very beginning will remember him being a chubby 2-years-old baby. All grown up now but still a Mama's boy, I kid you not 😆
Riga was beautiful as always, we got lucky with the weather too as Summer this year is rather changeable in the Baltics.
That perfect selfie portrait light 😜.
I felt like one big cotton candy in this fluffy Saint Laurent angora jumper (designer/highstreet). It's the softest thing ever (and also the stickiest).
 The deets: Chanel brooch, Marc Jacobs sunglasses (black version) and fresh mani.
 The bag is one of our latest Inga Xavier additions- mini in pastel pink. 
Worn with ZARA trousers and shoes.


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