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I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted; my first ever trip to America (no pictures there), and yet another visit to Paris (I will post those) took places in between these months. You might have gained from my Instagram that I didn't have the blog access for a while and thought I'd lost it for good but here I am, so lets rewind a bit...

One of the biggest events attended at the beginning of this month had to be Miss USSR UK Grand Final 2015 which is an annual beauty contest amongst ladies from post-USSR countries living in the United Kingdom.
I was invited to see my first show as well as kindly allowed to bring along one of my lovely readers Anna who I'd just met through little Instagram contest.
The whole show was mainly filled with well-known celebrities, artists, designers etc. amongst Russian-speaking people.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear singer Izabella performing her song about Armenia, perhaps not as widely known but dear to my heart, being of Armenian descent.
The highlight of the night clearly had to be this man right here...
...Alexander Revva
And my personal discovery- Bloom Twins- two amazingly pretty young ladies from Ukraine with rather dark music style.
Hence being held in a dark venue, I didn't manage to get any proper pictures of myself and what I wore for the night so we grabbed some on a separate occasion because I know you guys waited for those OOTDs.
Not the most exciting look, I have to say, but then I wasn't going to try and outshine the girls that night as I wouldn't stand a chance anyway: the dresses for the contestants had been provided by the amazing designers like Masha Tsigal, Elizabeth Emanuel and even our Estonian designer Gerli. A. Chantelle. 

I decided I'd better pretend as if I was not green with envy and settle for a plain Massimo Dutti dress, along with one of my Inga Xavier satchels.
If you know me, you know I can never say "no" to a good maxi dress, navy colour and all kinds of nude shades.
Including barely-there looking make-up (emphasis on looking).
Now back to the show, here are some of the finalists in their gorgeous dresses I told you about
The five finalists...
And the winners... Guess the countries, now can ya? Haaa (smug face)!
Two of the three winners turned out to be from my homeland! This blonde beauty Maria Sergeeva being one of them
Russian Katerina Daminova
And the 1st place winner- Anastassia Gavris yet again from Estonia!
Mama couldn't be more proud!!!
See the grin on my face? Still there!
Maybe not. I too wanted all the pretty flowers, spectacular gifts and fabulous work opportunities. Oh well, perhaps next time. Congratulations to all of the girls on the well-deserved success and go see the show next year if you are in London!
Casually poppin' a few more photos with the bag in your face in case you haven't noticed we've got a new colour in!
I have now got all my passwords safe and shall not disappear for that long again, pop back soon! 



  1. Beautiful colours - I mean your satchel and dress :)
    As usual, beautiful you :) Always on fleek ;)

  2. you look absolutely gorgeous ...and about the outfit,so simple but so stylish and chic ! Love it!


  3. wow!

  4. Шахерезада

  5. you look lovely as always!

  6. this is so fun! I wish they would have one here in the U.S. - or maybe I am missing something. I have been here for over 20 yrs so maybe I am not an ex-pat anymore ;)
    Great photos.

    1. Thank you, they must be doing something similar?

  7. Great photos! They should do this in the U.S.!
    or maybe I am not considered an expat since I have been here for over 2 decades ;)

  8. we've missed you! amazing :)


  9. Oh wow!
    What an op

    BLEURGH - www.bleurghnow.com

  10. Vigladish Bozestvenno !


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