It's been ages again since I last posted here on the blog: switching jobs, starting my own business and now moving houses seems not too far away as well. As much as I miss blogging, I hardly have the time to squeeze in photoshoots into my schedule these days. Good news are that I finally gave in and joined the iPhone team which allows me to post on Instagram a little more, you can find me on @inga_intriguemenow

Attending Gucci dinner with my sister Veronika last month

Night views are my favourite: beautiful London at night 

Trying some subtle make-up looks for every day

Speaking of make-up: recent beauty buys from NARS

Another make-up experiment with contouring this time


And some more 

Showing off another beautiful sister of mine- Nikol 

Wearing head to toe Michael Kors to dinner

New favourite- Burberry jacket 

Messy morning selfies

Best buy this Autumn: & Other Stories emerald green coat 

Details of the day: my Inga Xavier satchel in red, Armani mens watch and red lippie

Keeping it simple on my day off

Testing the smartphone macro lens on my ring 

Cheeky bedtime selfie in the chunky Reiss knit 


Also, as most of you already know I've recently started my Inga Xavier brand; while the website is in the making you can find us on Instagram over at @ingaxavier  for future competitions and news:

Some of the currently available satchel options:



  1. Cute pics, your sister is gorgeous !

    Love from Paris

  2. Great look!
    Beautiful pictures mix!

    My Blog:

  3. you're sooo beautiful! love all your pictures :) and that lovely bag at the end!

  4. beautiful as always!

  5. what did you do to your lips?!........

  6. I love your current profile photo on Instagram:) amazing!! And your sister are very pretty :)

  7. Why oh why did you have to mess with your lips? You were so gorgeous without the duck look. :/

  8. You're the most beautiful woman that I ever saw. Are you a model?

  9. Yes Russian is not easy but I am loving the challenge ! I was suppoed to go in April for a language course but got super busy so for now I need to learn in London and two of my friends are Russian/ American so I will have no trouble practising with them ;)

  10. Инга, Вы удивительно красивая девушка! Когда Я поняла, что Вы говорите на русском, это повергло меня в ещё больший восторг! С огромным удовольствием смотрю Ваш блог! Спасибо Вам за вдохновение! С уважением, Эльмира Батаева. Россия. Саратов.


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