A little mixture of some recent, a year old and two years old photos that did not make it to the blog to sum up the mood of now passed Fall. Moving on to new season and, well, just generally moving on. The actual Winter has already arrived in Tallinn and the snow outside made everything look a little less miserable; perhaps it's time to give in to the whole festive mood and make a step aside from what's been my daily route lately home-gym-home— and head to the town for some Christmas feel.
On another note, I was slightly stunned by the amount of warm letters received from different corners of the world in regards to the last post. It's been a little while since the situation itself unfolded so I've given myself enough time to hurt, heal and get all the support and comfort of loved ones I needed. I did not post this on the impulse nor to get any well wishes, hence the comments disabled, but it was extremely comforting to know that there are readers of this blog who care. I could have not mentioned anything and nobody would have ever found out, because only few closest family / friends knew in the first place due to the early stage, but I felt it was too significant to just carry on with writing about shoes and bags and dresses as if nothing happened. An experience like this changes you instantly and forever so it was only fair to give it its own little space on the blog among the happy moments shared along the way. Regardless.
x Inga

photos by Digitalmind and Daria B.