A Silent Loss

Past two months have been full of events which now seem to be nothing more than just a small side note to having experienced a miscarriage short after the loss of another family member. 

I've been spending lots of quiet days at home in my pain and grieving and whisking myself away to Estonia earlier this week has definitely helped to slowly start coming to terms with what happened. The university has been put on hold in preparation for new baby's arrival next year and the best advantage I could take of my now rather pointless academic break was finally allow myself to stay with my dearest ones for as long as I want which is what I need for now, really.

This has got to be the only recent photo taken back in London to remind me what a beautiful Fall I have left behind but considering the stress it rather felt like a huge relief to relocate myself for the time being, although I could honestly do without Tallinn's annoying drizzle, ugly naked trees and grey sky.