Style In Motion: Naomi James

Hiya! Those of you who now follow me on Twitter  already know I've been shooting a little video interview for my fashion assignment earlier in the afternoon. It's my first ever attempt at editing a video and I'm kind of happy how it turned out! Special thanks to Naomi for faking a stranger and randomly chatting to me about her put-together-in-a-ladies-room-five-minutes-earlier outfit LOL! But it actually made me think of real series of real people on the streets, or maybe video outfit posts on Intrigue Me Now? We shall see.

P.S. I appreciate your response on a previous post, again I shot these photos for uni purposes and didn't expect it will be any of your interest, thank you!


  1. she is so cute!love her style.really different.:)

  2. Wow I really like her! :)

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  3. how cool! i love video posts

  4. Nays a doll, always loved her ever evolving style.
    LOL but colour like this is so not her atm..
    Black, white and grey are her friends loool

  5. Naomi is beautiful; great video Inga!!

  6. You made a nice video, music, ambiance, plus she's so cute. Kind of retro but very chic, I luv' !

    I really like your blog, I'll add you in my blogroll so if you want to pass by and say "bonjour" ;-)

  7. i love that. i think you should defo make videos of u n outfits and so on. it will make my day.x love your style and your sooo beautiful


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