summer's back in Europe?

blouse, flats- ZARA; jeans- Mango + DIY; military jacket(not seen)- H&M

Took the advantage of a warm sunny day (finally!) and made a quick trip to the shops nearby. I'm not a fan of The Body Shop, but bought a few things for massages and some stuff on sale. Also got a nice basic piece from ZARA, I'll see if the weather tomorrow is warm enough to wear it. My friend is arriving to London and there's a lot in the agenda, so it better be warm from now on!

p.s. No proper photos today as I was out and about by myself. Ah I miss my babyboy so much, not that he was helpful with the pictures (not yet) but he was always keeping me a company and making me laugh! Can't wait to have him back home again... Love you, bebucho ♥


  1. lucky you :D
    in germany it's still so cold -.-
    i like your shoes <3

  2. LOVE zara! Summer weather sure has gotten here in New England, SO HOT<3

    xo Lynzy

  3. Your blog is freaking great. You always look smoking!

  4. In France the weather wasn't that great the past few days.
    Anyway, maybe I should stop talking about the weather and be focused on your outfit^^
    Combining leopard flats and a floral blouse ? Awesome !

  5. is there any way you could post your pictures differently? when i look at your blog a lot of the pictures are missing and it just leaves a link in their place that says "photobucket".... any way to fix??

  6. Thanks for letting me know, I had no idea! I'll try to figure it out, because it's really strange since I switched to a PRO-account on photobucket and there shouldn't be any problems.


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